Civilization IV

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Civilization IV is a savvy and amazing strategy game that has a lot to offer. Starting with 3D graphics, in-game movies, stunning sound effects, and a very hooking plot that will suck into the game before you even know it. Civilization IV has received top ratings in the Time magazine. Your task is to build your own empire and make it one of the most powerful one in the entire world. You have an option to choose one of the 18 nations provided in the game. you can also challenge and fight some of the most prominent leaders of all times.

The Civilization IV is a unique blend of strategy gaming and history. Soon you will wish that history in schools was taught this way. There are various civilizations that you choose from and each one will have its own special traits and markings. Some of these civilizations will be peace-loving and others will be combative and restless. The way to manage them will depend on the choices that you make along the way. Your army can be a blend of warriors and weaponry. At the initial stages, you will start with warriors and archers, and later you will have knights, catapults, and frigates to fight with. the more you expand and move forward in time, the more modern your army will become. You will have to rely on your skills as a diplomat to manipulate others into giving you what you want.

Civilization IV is a fast paced game. it gives you a lot of power over the world and various civilizations, so long as you use it carefully. The game is not limited to what is present within it right from the beginning. It comes loaded with options where you can create civilizations of your own and also activate the multi-player option for some severe competition!