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The game Car Tycoon seems to have drawn inspiration from RollerCoaster Tycoon, which is still considered to be the best tycoon game around. Over the last few years many new tycoon games have evolved hoping to cash in on the idea, but none could actually replicate the grandeur of the original game. Car Tycoon is much similar to RollerCoaster Tycoon and is a strategy game. The gamer gets to manage a car business in a 2D city, well designed considering the low system requirements of the game. The game includes a simple interface and the menu is well suited for even the amateurs.

Well, Car Tycoon is a real time strategy game where several minutes in the game are equal to several months game time. The game can be played over several years game time and the time can be accelerated or paused depending upon the need of the gamer. However, the game isn't meant for people who are probably looking at getting into the nuts and bolts of designing a car. The game is limited in many ways and is rather meant for kids who wish to while away time.

Car Tycoon would indeed let you customize cars, but it would only be limited to engine, body, chassis and interior. There are around 4 companies operating similar business in the same city and hence, if you become part of the yellow company, all your vehicles would be color coded accordingly. The game has around 20 different scenarios and spreads across a period of 50 years. This is what makes it a good game. The game is quite straightforward and your basic objective is to make as much money as possible. If you really fancy playing such management games, then you can surely hone your skills by laying hands upon Car Tycoon. The game is relatively easy to play and would indeed appeal to the young gamers.