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Brutal Legend by Double Fine is a gripping concept which makes it a unique real time strategy game. That being the highlight, this game is a complete delight for the heavy metal music lovers too. The visuals are highly attractive and the basic story, on which the game revolves round, has been shaped up flawlessly. The characters in the game are well conceived and the game boasts of a good soundtrack as well. Brutal Legend has been beautifully planned and executed. This is perhaps why it has been able to land into the good books of the people.

In Brutal Legend, the gamer gets to play as the protagonist, Eddie Riggs who has a strong love for classical metal music. The game picks up speed when he somehow gets transported to a brutal fantasy world. The game would never have been the same, had it not had people like Ozzy Osbourne and Tim Curry playing important voice-overs  Here, the gamer would have to explore the rugged terrains of the brutal land, fight against enemies and play his/her magical instrument - a guitar. As easy as it sounds, the reality is much different!

However, there is more to Brutal Legend. The game would make you command small squads who would execute your plans and help you score over your enemies. The game has single player campaigns as well as a multiplayer mode. The game has a HD feel and you get to play in 1080p at 60 fps. Apart from all this, the game has a superb art style and almost all the scenes seem to have been churned with great care. All this makes Brutal Legend a good game in its genre.

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