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Boom Town is the name of a small town in a mountainous area of a certain country. Not too many things happen here and the population is quite low, but there could be a rescue for this small town, that will help it increase and prosper because of industry. And being a city located in really close proximity to a big mountain, the mining industry could be the solution. After a series of tests have been conducted here, it has been approved to build a mine here and the player will be the one that will ensure that the mine is working properly and is aiding the citizens.

In the beginning, the player will only have a small mine and it will not produce too much money, but after he manages to spend some time using the machinery available, he should be able to earn some nice money. Further, this money will be used to create a better mine and to also purchase more powerful equipment, which will increase the output of precious elements from the mine. There are a few of them that are extracted here and they will all give some money to the player, although gold will be the most valuable.

The game is actually not a strategy one and players will enjoy the fact that they are not bound to a single activity. The game will also provide the ability to control the trucks that transport the rock, and this will be a fun activity, too. However, the aim of the game is to create the most successful mine in the region and really put Boom Town on the map. It will not always be easy because accidents may occur, but overall, the task will be pretty interesting to accomplish for a player that has a little bit of skill.

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