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Battle Realms is a real-time strategy game that is based on the martial arts theme and comes out as one of the most stylish and slick offerings in this genre. Designed and developed by Liquid Entertainment, the graphics incorporated in this gaming application is regarded as one of the best features of this tool. Integrated with several interesting and appealing gaming modes, the game is built on an innovative model that uses open-ended campaigns. With a lot of action and implementation of strategies, the strategy mode does take a back-seat in some gaming modes; however, the overall implementation of this game ensures that these small back-lags are overlooked.

The settings and game play are typically reminiscent of the action-packed Hong Kong based action movies and action games. There are some really stylish fight moves and martial arts spectacles that you can enjoy in this game. There is nothing mundane or normal in this gaming app. Even peasants are trained in martial arts and can rise to the need of a fight where required. What makes this game outstanding and distinctive from other similar gaming applications is that even when fighting as a group, all the virtual characters do not just stand and follow hacking movements to achieve their victory. Each character comes out with different and distinctive moves and technique, which makes the game play interesting and exciting. The overall 3D graphics and animation only adds to the existing plus points of the game and makes it an ideal choice for players interested in this genre of games.

This game can be quite a chaotic experience for less experienced or new users of the game. A lot of game play has been automated in this game, and this can lead to a lot of confusion if you don’t actually understand how this game works. For instance, the characters automatically prioritize threats and rush to attack. They are also capable of switching between different strategies of attacks, without inputs from the user. Micromanagement of the various units is another skill the user needs to acquire to be able to successfully play the game. There are lots of interesting twists in the campaigns; therefore, you will never lose interest or run out of excitement.

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