Anno 2070

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Anno 2070 is a strategy game set in the future. The idea behind Anno 2070 is much the same as in other city building games, only here you need not worry about items as jade, dates, ivory and spices. The game has a good futuristic feel to it and you would get to be a part of the same right from the beginning. Anno 2070 is a well planned game and would indeed hook the serious gamers. The urban planning of the game and the structured missions would indeed appeal to all.

Anno 2070 is a sandbox game and gives you a fair bit of freedom. The best thing about the game is the fact that, it is fairly rewarding and hence, the more you play the greater you earn. The helpful in-game AI makes the game further interesting as you are constantly guided by the same. The gamer needs to take care of the arc – a floating base which is the main power hub from where you get to control everything. It is a city builder game with a difference and this is what makes it click.

The gamer starts the game with a small fortune, the arc, a simple cargo ship and the bare essentials which may help you in the foundation of your city. Once you start addressing the needs of the commoners in your city, you would be able to expand your modest base into a metropolis. Setting up trade routes, exploring the map, delivering goods and fending off the advancement of rivals would earn you more points and cash. The gamers would triumph only through proper management by controlling population, food supply for all and checking pollution. Other threats from rivals and computer AI are just the icing on the cake, making it feel special all the more. Hence, Anno 2070 is a good game to lay hands upon.