Download Alexander

The game Alexander is loosely based on the conquests of Alexander the Great. It shares its name with a high profile movie and is a good strategy game itself. The game is purely about conquering new lands and gamers should not go looking for historical aspects as it suffers from historical inaccuracies. The game is set during the reign of Alexander and ranges from 356 to 323 BC. In the early stages of Alexander, the gamer would need to play from the Macedonian perspective. But in the later stages people get to choose factions as India, Persia and Egypt as well.

Alexander is a great strategy game and would indeed keep you interested. The missions and goals of the game are quite clear and would definitely appeal to the amateur gamers. It would even interest gamers who are into strategy games and look forward to leading massive armies to battle. The game comes equipped with both single player and multiplayer modes and can be played against computer as well as human opponents. The game doesn't have a strong storyline but impresses with its sheer grandeur. While most strategy games give you a feel of wars only at a puny scale, Alexander seems to be much different from the rest as it offers the same on a grand scale where thousands of soldiers get to fight for you.

Like most other games, even Alexander suffers with minor issues, but none of them would affect your gameplay. It is needless to say that Alexander could have been way better, but it still manages to score over the rest. The computer AI puts up a good fight and hence, the gamer would have to work hard at planning the assault. In short, Alexander is a great game where thousands clash against each other, hundreds wither and the gamer gets to be part of a spectacular battle fought between the Macedonians and the other small factions.