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Airbuccaneers by Developer LudoCraft is a strategy game dealing in battles against the enemies, in order to retain your dominance over the north. The game is loaded with super fun elements like, aircraft's and ships, which would indeed appeal to all. In Airbuccaneers, the gamer is supposed to dish out death to the enemies by hook or by crook. In the process, you are expected to help others, command a ship, gun down the enemy aircraft's, and do a lot of other similar stuff. All this, makes Airbuccaneers a lot more exciting than what you thought it to be.

Airbuccaneers is a game where you would need to cooperate well with your crew members in order to increase your chances of winning. Once in the sky, the gamer would get to exchange fire with opponents. It is true that the game has a rather loose plot and seems way too easy, but once you get down to business, it is only then that you realize its worth. Airbuccaneers is about saving your own ship while you bombard others to death. Basically, the game is about manning a battle balloon, but, is a lot more than what meets the eye.

The game includes cannoneers, defenders and guerrilla men who grapple from the host ship to the enemy’s ship and bring down the vessel. The game is a superior version of the Guns of Icarus Online and would closely resemble the fight scenes of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is true that the game is not easy to master and yet, gamers vouch for its uniqueness, chiefly because of its tense moments which give an adrenaline rush in the moments of crisis. In short, it is an amazing game.

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