Download Zombie Gunship Free for PC Windows

Zombie Gunship Free for PC Windows is an action game that puts you in the center of a war between the humans and the Zombies. You are a gunner and you will be occupying the armed seat of AC -130, which is air to ground attack aircraft. Your objective would be wisely attack the oncoming waves of zombies to end them and protect the survivors from the danger of an attack by the zombies.

Your weapons will be the Howitzer cannon, Bofors auto-cannon and Gatling Gun. With each zombie killed, you would be awarded a point and you can use this point to buy ammunitions upgrade the weapons to be able to kill more zombies. The controls of the game are very smooth and designed to give you a gamepad like experience of gaming. In the game, you can complete objectives, gain experience points to reach higher ranks and battle it out with other players from around the world to get the chance to feature on the leaderboard.

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