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Wizardry Online makes a name for itself owing to some interesting combat sequences and group finder which helps you team up with people. Wizardry Online is nothing grand like World of Warcraft and neither does it seem anywhere close to Guild Wars or EVE Online, but the game sure has a charm of its own. It has a late 90’s feel to it and hence doesn't quite boast of a great art work. The game is a fairy tale which falls somewhere between Dark Souls and Final Fantasy XI.

Wizardry Online walks the path of an MMO. The installation is fairly easy but the online connection with the server may at times need some time. Wizardry Online doesn't flatter in terms of design or graphics, but it is the meandering lore and the combat that gets you hooked to the game. It includes five different races, namely humans, porkuls, elves, gnomes and dwarves. Once you are settled with your avatar and race, you get to decide upon your alignment and class. Wizardry Online boasts of a well designed open world where there’s plenty to be done.

Wizardry Online is a game where you must make friends in order to survive long. The inbuilt group finder does a fine job at the same. The game UI can be a little tricky for the amateurs, but would suit all fine, after a few hours of play. Finally, Wizardry Online may not be the best RPG around, but has the potential to woo the gamers. In short, it is a game worth having a go at.

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