Download White Lies & Sweet Nothings for PC Windows

White Lies & Sweet Nothings for PC Windows is a very interesting RPG based on a very new concept and story. You have used some small white lies to get yourself a dream job and know you are in trouble which requires you to make your lie come true. As this is not possible, you need to make something up, and this will be your objective of the game. And to make things clear, you have to find a person and play the role of fake husband and wife to get out of trouble.

In this game, you will get romance in the excess from your fake husband with whom you have to survive 16 interesting and tough episodes. Depending on your choice of husband and how you play the game, there are three different endings that you can achieve. The game offers high quality illustrations from the scenes you played the game in as collectibles and emails from the character that you choose as your husband.

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