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If you have always wanted to try your hand at hacking and making millions in the process, then Uplink will give you a taste of that thrill and entertainment. You will be able to work for high level corporations, hacking into various systems to steal their files and things of that sort, and also be able to make a ton of money along the way!

Uplink is a pretty realistic game, where you have to first be hired by a corporation and the equipment that you will be initially armed with are the software tools like the crackers and file removers that will help you finish your challenges and tasks. The missions that you have to complete will be sent to you via email and this means that you are free to complete these tasks as and when you like it. The game can get very technical and geeky as the game isn’t all fun and entertainment. The tasks are really tough and will have you in a fix at times. This only makes the game more fun for people who enjoy a good challenge. Also, the money that you earn while completing tasks has to be used and invested carefully. There will be options like the stock market and also savings that you have to choose carefully.

The graphics of Uplink are not much to speak of. The sound effects are also non-existent. This game doesn’t involve any weapons, besides your mind of course. The game is very strategic and this makes it extremely addictive. You will spend a long time trying to write up codes and use crackers to attain the information you seek. The only downside is the graphics that are not very modern and up to date. Besides this game is an amazing brain exercise to keep your mind agile!

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