Download Torchlight

Torchlight is a classic action-RPG game that goes along with the feel and the genre of the popular game Diablo. However, while Diablo was grim and spooky, Torchlight has a rather comical look and feel to the game making it equally interesting and fun to play. The violence and gore is to a minimal, making the game user friendly for younger players. There are three options that you will be provided in order to choose a character before you start your journey, and those are a Warrior, a Hunter or an Alchemist.

The game play is pretty similar to other games of this genre; you will have to complete challenging quests by meeting up new people along the way, enter dungeons, slay various beasts and monsters on the way and much more along these lines. This game is a real treat for RPG fans. Another great addition to the game is that you are allowed to pick a pet at the beginning of the journey. Besides adding a novelty factor to the game, this pet also follows you around throughout your journey and also helps you with your battles.

The controls are very simple, and easy to master by people from all age groups. What make the game interesting are the challenging quests, exploring the extensive lands of Torchlight and the cool and magnificent graphics. The sound effects of the game are also a plus point in the game. The graphics are bright and exciting for you to watch, you will be easily drawn into the game without much effort. The controls may seem easy, but the challenges and the game play make up for that simplicity. For people who have played Diablo, the game may hold little interest as they are very similar, but for people who haven’t played Diablo, this is going to be a very cool game to play.