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The Secret World, developed by Funcom is a Role Playing Game that builds the tension gradually and convincingly by telling stories. It’s an online multiplayer game filled with the use of mechanics and combat-centric quests. While it is of a genre that mostly gives dryads and dragons, the game brings forth the charming enchanted forests, thus breaking the norm. Though the main mission of the game, when the gamer arrives at a certain point might appear a bit tedious, the entire journey is awesome. It’s more or less, a brilliant experience as the action is never baseless and even ordinary objectives seem contextual.

The unique eerie modern day setting is quite welcoming but it does not take the gamer to some fantasy fairyland. It is only after choosing from one of the three factions, the Dragon, the Illuminati and the Templar, that the gamer, who plays the protagonist, is introduced to his city and the mysterious organization he has to work for. Then he enters Kingsmouth, followed by places like New England, Egypt and Transylvania with his missions continued. It’s a game with a nice Gothic look.

The game is to be played by the book. Although that the game is replete with weapons as shotguns, magical charms and assault rifles, one gets to use any of the two at a given point of time. However, the gamer is supported by seven active and seven passive abilities and is allowed to purchase abilities from multiple trees. It runs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista systems.

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