The Mirror Lied

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A tense, taunt and thrilling action and role-playing game, The Mirror Lied will have you addicted in no time! Leah is in a strange place when she wakes up, and you have to find out where she is and why she is there. You have no clue about what Leah is doing there in the first place, and so the only way to figure it out is by indulging in some RPG searching. You have to use your controls and with their help you will soon find items and objects that will give you clues as to what is happening. You will be unlocking cabinets, you will have to water plants, fill sinks and much more.

The length of the game is not very long, but every minute is going to be worth it. The absence of any valuable information and when you do find the information, the bizarre nature of the information keeps the game interesting. The graphics are amazing, and the atmospheric music adds to the eerie nature of the surroundings. The entire message and means of the game will be revealed only in the end once you have collected all the information. However, there is no saying whether you will be able to comprehend it. Nevertheless, playing the game for all its bizarre nature is completely worth it.

Playing the game is very simple, as the controls are not complicated at all. However, to new players who haven’t played RPG games much, this game may seem confusing and mysterious. The style of the game is very cinematic, and the gameplay extremely entertaining. The only shortcoming is that the game is a little short. Besides that this is an amazing game to play. The atmosphere of the game is very appealing and engaging. The Mirror Lied is a fast paced game with lots to offer in a limited time.