Download Sol: Clockwork Part 1

Sol: Clockwork Part 1 is the first game in an interesting series that will allow the player to engage in an immersive world from which he will have to escape, but he will not have to get out of there on his own. He has some friends trapped in there and his journey is going to help them get away from the weird place. However, the player will have to team up with certain characters in the game to reach his objective - some of them are interesting characters and will provide a good helping hand to the player, while others will also require some help in order to give clues regarding the facts that they know.

However, there are also some malevolent characters and the player will have to take care of them in order to avoid getting beaten up and probably sharing the same fate as his friends. Some fights will be tough but the player will be able to make use of different weapons and skills that he can learn throughout his journey. All of these skills will be useful and moreover, they will become more powerful as the player progresses through the game and has more abilities at his disposal.

Some unique weapons will be handed to the player after he finishes different quests and these items are much better than the usual ones. There are some weird monsters in the game and all of them will pose problems to the player, but some will be more dangerous than the others. However, trial and error might be the best method that can be used in the game as there is no guide that will definitely help the character through the journey. The beginning allows the player to customize a little bit the appearance of the character and also his name.

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