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Snowdrift is a great role playing game that will allow the players to engage in a great adventure as they pursue a main quest that is really important, because it is about survival. The main character of the game is called Same and he will have to survive as long as possible in the forest, where he is all by himself. This will not be easy at all, it will be pretty difficult to survive if the player does not closely follow the  tutorial in order to understand all of Sam's needs. All of them are easy to fulfill if the player pays attention to the tutorial.

The tutorial will be shown in the beginning and it will help the player understand everything that is required in order to control Sam and help him along his way. He will ultimately have to leave the forest because it will become to dangerous to live there anymore and there is no other way of living there anymore. The animals are closing in to his hut and he will have to find a way out of there, in order to start a new life somewhere else, but for this he will have to make some preparations that will help him.

He will have to gather food and water in order to survive on his way away from the house, but at the same time he will also have to use some of these resources to live until he leaves, because he will not be able to live from the first day of gameplay. It will be hard for Sam to leave this place but he knows that this is his only chance of living and not being eaten by the creatures that seem to come closer and closer to his house, endangering his life.

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