Seduce Me

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As you might have guessed by now, Seduce Me is a different type of game altogether. It has tastefully tackled the bold yet delicate topic of sex without being offensive or crude about the same. It is high time that society stops considering such topics as a taboo and games like these are an obvious help and the much needed push in the right direction. The game is a type of porn game without the much expected obscene visuals. However the subject matter and the skin show has helped it notch an AO rating.

The game is nothing much beyond what you understand by the title. The game doesn't have a story as such and is simply about four women and the gamer running loose in a Mediterranean villa, where you have been summoned for a sex filled vacation. Seduce Me doesn't quite come up with obscene content but hints at it all the while. As you proceed with the game, you get to score attraction points, popularity points and intimacy points. In Seduce Me, the popularity points are your health points. If you end up losing all your health points, you would eventually be thrown out of the island, back to your sexless uninteresting life.

Almost all people have some fetish or the other and in order to know of these fetishes, the gamer would have to spend points. The dirtier the fetish or deed, the more the number of points would be demanded. All this makes Seduce Me a strange game certainly worth a try. It is a RPG for the adults and would indeed lighten you up.