Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Download Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

If you have played the first part of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, that was Sacred, and loved it, then be prepared to be dazzled and sucked into the world of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. There are a series of thrilling features that have been added to this game of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel that you will relish when you play the game. The graphics and the sound effects have been upgraded and made much better.

The game play remains pretty much the same, where you have to choose one of six characters for you to play the game. The variety is pretty good, and you can choose anything from a Battlemage to a vampire! There are a number of stunning 3D changes made that will work very well on a powerful PC. There are a number of details and changes made to the environment of the game and the other characters in the game that make up the surroundings. The quests and adventures are more complex and more challenging than before. This only makes the game more appealing. There is another feature that has been added called the ‘Gore Feedback’; this feature helps you measure the strength of your character throughout the game in the form of feedback.

The virtual world of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has increased almost two folds. This makes the whole exploration process much more fun and prolonged. The scenarios and the monsters have been upgraded making them more terrifying and challenging at the same time. The original features of the game have also undergone some good changes. The sound effects and the outstanding graphics go hand in hand. However, there is little continuity from the original game, and also you have to have a very good graphics card to enjoy all the cool changes made to  Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.