Download Rivals at War for PC Windows

Rivals at War for PC Windows is a military based strategy game where you have to build your army, train it and provide it with the proper supplies to make your team the most powerful one in the game. The game includes activities like choosing and adding soldiers to your army, training them to make them perform better in the war and provide them with weapons that will help them to overcome their enemies. You can also upgrade the weapons to take on better and stronger opponents.

The game provides the players with 3D battlefields and mission categories into four different categories. Your team would contain 6 essential members who will have a definite contribution to the success of your team. They include Sniper, Gunner, Breacher, Commander, Medic and Radioman to take on any enemy. The skills of these individuals can be upgraded in categories like speed, defense, health, accuracy and damage they can inflict their enemies with. There are over 45 achievements to get to prove the supremacy of your team.

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