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Ragnarok Eternal is a nice game that proves to be more complex than it looks in the beginning. There is a whole adventure that will be really interesting for the player as he tries to solve all of the mysteries that surround the area in which he appears to be. It will be an intricate adventure and it will be one similar to a maze because the player will have to get through a lot of different places in order to reach for all of the objectives that he has to accomplish and he will need a good memory if he does not want to get lost.

The action of the game takes place in an interesting castle that is filled with different kinds of dungeons. Moreover, these dungeons are not empty, but they are filled with all kinds of different monsters that might endanger the player if he is not well prepared in order to take them down. On the other hand, if he goes full force into these places, he will have a high chance of succeeding in different problems that will appear. The most interesting aspect of the game is that is built as a role playing game and for players that are familiar with this genre, it will be an even more intricate adventure.

The player will receive points that he will be able to use in order to increase different skills that he has and he should make good use of them in order to create either a powerful or a balanced character. However, he should always keep an eye on the HP meter as it is the most important in the game - it can also be increased but some players might prefer using these points in other parts of the skill tree, where they might also be required.

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