Download Myth Defense LF for PC Windows

Myth Defense LF for PC Windows is a tower defense game that uses a lot of variety to give you one of the perfect games to enjoy your time. The game has two basic modes, the Battle mode and the Campaign mode. In the battle mode, you can fight it out against the other players of the game in 4 basic maps and a specifically built option for random map to play on. In this mode, you can accomplish achievements, and rise in the ranks of the global leaderboard.

In the campaign mode, you will have 18 maps to play on, 22 towers and 3 traps to build in your maps to make them strong against attacks. You can improve your skills by playing the campaigns and further replaying them to achieve greater success. The game also allows you to play on two simultaneous profiles of advance and casual to give you the best gaming experience to suit you.


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