Download Myth Defense 2: DF for PC Windows

Myth Defense 2: DF for PC Windows is the newer version of the Myth Defense, where the gameplay and the story takes a flip. In this game, you will be playing on the dark side with the Dark Forces. In the previous edition, the Light Forces took down the Dark Forces and there is an unbalance in the nature. Your objective in the game will be to bring back that balance by taking the Dark Forces to a better position.

Similar to the previous edition, the game has 4 maps to play on with random choice. There are 50 regular missions and 10 special missions. You can play the campaign mode in two different modes of heroic and normal to suit your skill level. Sound experience has improved quite a lot in this edition along with the support for multilingual user interface to allow a larger number of players to enjoy the game with complete understanding of the game.

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