Download My Pet Protector 3

My Pet Protector 3 is the third installment in the great adventure and action series of games in which the main character of the game has to train a protector in order to make him one of the most powerful, and ultimately the most powerful in the whole kingdom. There is a lot of role playing in this game and it will be pretty interesting to get through it, because it features a series of nice quests that will allow the player to understand a lot about the universe in which he had played until now, in the previous games and in this one, too.

The first two games proved to be successful and it seems like this one makes no exception - a game does not have to be sold in order to maintain a title of successful, it only has to be popular among players, regardless of it being free or not. And having such a game in a freeware installment is a great way to make it even more popular. The game is designed in Flash and some may find this as a downside but the game looks and works flawlessly and gamers will ultimately enjoy it.

There are a lot of places on the map that will have to be visited, but the player should ask for advice around the village to find out the best order of visiting these places because there are enemies around and nobody would enjoy getting beaten by an overpowered enemy. Because of this, he will have to go in a slow manner and then he will be able to progress through the game and discover all of the secrets that are featured in it. There is also an inventory available for the player and he will be able to use and store different things in there.

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