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Monsters’ Den Chronicles is not the fist game in the series of Monsters' Den games, and hopefully, it will not be the last one, either, because each of the games provided an immersive world in which the player could do a lot of different things in order to solve the mysteries of the dungeons. The game is a great combination between role playing, adventure and turn based combat and many fans of these genres will definitely enjoy this installment as they probably enjoyed the other games in the series, too, because of all of these genres brought together in a great title.

The game features three dimensional graphics and quite a few interesting visual effects that will please a player's eyes during battle time. For a Flash game, this is much more than better and it will provide the players with an interesting experience beyond the classic two dimensional universe in which the majority of Flash games takes place. However, beyond the graphics there are a lot of interesting things that should be explored in order to find out all of the secrets of the dungeons. This time the dungeons are much bigger than in the other games and it will take more until the player has the opportunity to reach the end.

There are also new enemies that must be defeated - all of them are interesting but the player should not spend too much time admiring these enemies as even if the combat is turn based, the movements must still be done fast in order for the enemy to come down fast, otherwise the player might be in trouble. The characters can also receive certain upgrades after the battle is finished, depending on the score that they manage to achieve during the battle and there are some interesting upgrades there.

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