Download Mardek RPG: Chapter 3

Mardek RPG: Chapter 3 is an interesting continuation to the now trilogy game of Mardek, a small Flash installment that proved to be quite interesting as the players got involved in the world that the character has to live in and also protect from the monsters that might appear. There are a lot of them, unfortunately, but the player should have the possibility to take them down with ease if he is prepared enough before the battle. The most important thing that is related to the preparation is the distribution of the skill points in the character's skill tree.

Every game of this kind has a skill tree that can be used in order to level up different abilities of the character. All of them are ultimately interesting but there are enough points to only take some of these skills in order to create a character that is dedicated to a certain skill and also has some other one to support him during battle time. This is the aim of role playing games and Mardek makes no exception, especially because the player will have to build a character that is strong enough to take on the powerful monsters that attack the city.

This time, the battles will take place in an arena and here, the player will have to kill all of the enemies that appear and afterwards he will be able to choose  different skills that he will be able to use in battle. There are also some magic elements that are added into the game for a more spiced up gameplay and these will also provide a bonus towards the overall aspect of the game, which is already really interesting. For a Flash game, Mardek RPG: Chapter 3  is a pretty good adventure that deserves at least a try from everyone.

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