Download MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 features the second installment in the Mardek series that have a really good gameplay that fans of the genre will definitely enjoy. There are a lot of role playing games out there and not too many provide a really good quality gameplay. There are some other games that are paid and also have a certain target, but there are also people that want to get immersed in a good role playing adventure that does not require too many skills in order to get through and learn how to do different things related to this genre.

The second chapter of this trilogy brings in not only Mardek, but also Deugan, the best friend of the hero and a loyal partner during battle. Together, they can do a great team but unfortunately, they will not have the possibility to fight along at all times. This is because Deugan will do certain things in advance in order to prepare the terrain for Mardek and give him easier tasks to accomplish in order to reach certain objectives. The rewards in these games are mainly skill points that are really valuable as these will help the player achieve better skills in the skill tree.

There are several skills that can be initially learned and then mastered and they are all interesting, but the player should focus on getting only the ones that really matter for him and not actually every skill that would not create a pretty good character because there are not enough skill points in order to advance with every skill in the tree. The game also features an inventory in which the player will be able to see the things that he picked up and that he can use in order to achieve different things that might be required.

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