Magical Diary

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Magical Diary is a bizarre game of text adventure where you are required to enroll into a magic school and survive the experience. The game features Manga style art, although it is not from Japanese origin. The game may sound like a girlie game, and in the beginning may even see like it, but that is not the case. The game is definitely not very action oriented and may seem like it is not very masculine, but it is fun to play all the same. In the very beginning you will be required to choose a character and give it a look. There will be texts that will prompt you towards the school that you will be enrolling into.

Magical Diary is fairly compared to a fantasy novel, and it may seem like it lives up to that name. There is enough content for you to be able to repeat the game by choosing different means and modes, thus resulting in a completely different ending altogether. The downside is that the artwork isn’t exactly animated and so may seem a little dull and boring, but it still adds character to the story, making the game very engaging.

The idea of the game is pretty unusual, and so for first timers the game will seem interesting enough to play. The puzzles and mysteries to sort out are very challenging and will truly test your abilities. The storyline is fun and addictive; it will keep you hooked on to the game for a long time. The downside to this game is that the tutorial within the game is pretty non-existent, making the game seem dull and uninteresting at times. However, when you start playing the game you will be caught up in its unusual approach and that will make you overlook all shortcomings.