Download Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for PC Windows

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed for PC Windows is a very interesting action game, where you get to fight against the powerful characters in the game to prove your supremacy. In this new version of the game, you get the Berserker or the destroy and the Cat Acrobat or the agile and quick fighter to fight against along with the new character, The Dark Valkyrie, who is termed as the goddess of death.

There are 60 levels in each of which you keep learning and developing the different skills which you would be needed to fight against the 3 powerful characters. New modes of the game are also available with the likes of Monster Wave where you can test your skills against the huge number of monsters converging at your location of after the other. A new 3v3 melee mode has been introduced to fight against the 3 evil characters at once flanked by your own sub characters.

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