Download Knight of the Living Dead

Be prepared for the fun yet surprising game that combines the legend of King Arthur and zombies into one amazing game called Knight of the Living Dead. You are Sir Galahad and you have to kills tones of zombies with the sheer power of your sword coupled with some stunning other powers that will help you destroy the living dead. The game is a typical beat ‘em up, and makes for an unusual game play because of the plot. Killing the zombies in the quickest possible manner is the main premise of the game.

In Knight of the Living Dead your main concern will be to kill the zombies and also make sure that they do not engulf you by going on moving in circles and covering all your vulnerable spots. As you progress in the game you will be able to beat levels and move ahead in the game. there will be a message in the game that will tell you when you will be able to upgrade Sir Galahad by hitting ‘space’. As you move up the levels, your powers will progress too and this will lead to you being able to sweep through a hoard of zombies in a single go with your huge sword.

The looks of Knight of the Living Dead are not that good given the standard of graphics you get to see in recent games, but the stunning sound effects make for a very cool game play. also. The super powers that you get as you move up levels keep things interesting and make it all the more addictive. There are online scoreboards that will record your scores and you can review them as and when you like. The control system of the game is very good and pleasing. The only downside to Knight of the Living Dead, is that the game is short and the graphics are poor.

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