Download Jurassic Park Builder for PC Windows

If you disliked something about the Jurassic Park and would like to alter it, then the Jurassic Park Builder for PC Windows provides you with the opportunity to do so. You can build your very own park in the way you would like. You would need to start from the scratch and park in terms of the unique animals present and also in terms of the space you have. You can even expand your park on to the water bodies to accommodate aquatic species.

Initially you will have a simple park, you would have to play and reach higher levels to unlock the water bodies and even higher levels to unlock Glacier Park. There are as many as 34 land creatures, 30 sea creatures and 30 creatures from the frozen lands that you can discover, collect and grow in your park. With stunning graphics and sound effects, along with the multiplayer option through the Facebook, this game takes you to a very impressive world that you can make your own.

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