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Iron Man is back! It is needless to say that Iron Man 2 is one of the most recognized superheros of Marvel and has a huge fan following all across the planet. There are thousands of gamers who have always wanted to get inside the red and gold iron suit. Iron Man 2 is an evolved version of its previous self and offers weapon customization and level design among other notable features. The game boasts of good environmental details, combat refinements and amazing action.

The story of Iron Man 2 is a lot different from what you see in the movies and keeps the interest alive. There are times when the gamer would get to play as War Machine as well. Few of the weapons included in Iron Man’s arsenal include repulsors, mini guns, missiles and lasers. The game has been designed for professionals as well as the amateurs. This is the reason that the controls are fairly easy and the target system is smooth to operate.

In Iron Man 2 you would have to trick your enemies by dodging, hovering and often repetitive stunts, all of which would ultimately help you survive. A simple button press can bombard the enemies with missiles. All this makes, Iron Man 2 worth every penny that you shell on the same. The game takes place at varied locations as battleships, industrial sites and even in underground fortresses. It includes 8 missions and each of these is indeed fun to play. Iron Man 2 is plagued with minor issues but none of those would cause any hindrance while enjoying the gameplay.

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