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Infantata is a combination between an adventure and a role playing game that will allow the players to immerse in an interesting story that will feature some interesting things along the way. The story is crucial to the rest of the gameplay and it will be unfolded in a prologue, before the actual game starts, and it will be really interesting to follow it up in order to understand what does the character want to achieve and how he will be able to do this. The main objective of the game is to get revenge, and as it is served best as a cold dish, it will require some work in order to achieve the desired effect.

There are a few people that must be killed in order to achieve the revenge that the main character of the game wants and it will require something different for each of the targets - each must be killed in a certain way, using a certain object, in order to create an interesting pattern that will allow the other people that knew the targets what happened. However, this will not lead the police to the main character and even if it does happen, he has nothing else to lose. His whole family was killed by these monsters that he is chasing now.

The top down graphics of the game are pixelated but they are enough to help the player understand what is going on in the game and mainly, the story should be followed in order to have the maximum amount of fun from the game. It will be really nice to play it even if the story is sad and the main objective is revenge. However, when the justice is not enough to punish some people, others will take the matter in their own hands.

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