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Hordes and Lords is an interesting game designed in Flash that features a really nice story. The player will get into the shoes of a bandit that it seems like the Robin Hood type. He is not mean intended because he wants to destroy the evil forces that are in the kingdom, and he is the only one that can do this, because the other people are too afraid of doing this. However, this bandit is not afraid of anything and he will do everything that is necessary in order to destroy these evil forces. He will start a unique journey in which he will have to solve a lot of different quests in order to achieve the desired result.

This bandit will rise through the masses and he will be able to create an army in order to destroy these forces of evil that are threatening not only the kingdom, but the whole world. The bandit will be able to take control of the army and give orders to every part of hit as he will become the supreme commander. As the time passes and he does some good deeds, he will benefit from the support of the people and he will receive different favors or goods to help him along the way.

This nice RPG game features a lot of different quests that will put the character's abilities to the test as he tries his best in order to destroy everything that is evil in the kingdom. Some quests will come in series and they will have to be solved in order to advance through the story and there are also other side quests that should be solved if one wants to fully complete the game as he helps all of the people that are facing problems throughout the kingdom.

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