Download Heroes of Atlan for PC Windows

Heroes of Atlan for PC Windows is an RPG with turn based gameplay with numerous characters to choose from. The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the Demon King and stop his evil deeds from the world. Initially you have to choose a hero from the collection, one that will suit the style of strategies that you will build and the one that is enough powerful to play according to your plans. Each of the heroes is customizable according to your liking and upgradeable to make them more powerful to allow you to take on the more powerful enemies.

Create a group of heroes according to your choice. Use the points you have to upgrade them and get ready for battle. There are numerous fights with players from around the world that you can take part in along with the weekly tournament that the game itself creates for all the players to take part in. And to make things more interesting, the game has a wonderful airship, using which you can find and obtain treasures.

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