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Eukarion Tales is the first game in the series of two installments that allow the player to immerse in an interesting universe filled with a lot of quests that await to be solved. The genre of the game is role playing and it is combined with a lot of adventure elements that are really interesting. allowing the player to have fun while getting through all of the challenges that are offered by various NPCs throughout the story of the game and this is not the end for the character, as another installment of the series awaits to be completed.

The main element of the game is the skill tree which is really interesting, because it allows the player to create a unique character that can have different abilities which will prove to be really useful in battle. The skills will be awarded to the player only if he has enough skill points in order to collect them and this could be an issue sometimes but a quest or two should be enough in order to aid the player with the next skill that he wants to acquire. Everything is placed in an easy way to understand.

There are several quests that will have to be completed in the main story and the world of the game is large enough for the player to enjoy it a lot as he gets through it from beginning to the end. Moreover, besides the main quest line there are also different side quests that will be available at certain points during the game, allowing the player to earn even more bonus points that can be used in order to raise the skills that were started in the tree. The weapons of the player will also be interesting and they can also be upgraded in order for the battles to be won easier.

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