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The inspiration source for this great game is none other than the great Diablo. The original game that was built in the 2.5D isometric universe featured a lot of different elements that created the whole story, that was really interesting. The player was able to choose between different classes and he was then able to create a unique character that would suit all of his needs in battle time - however, it was not always easy to defeat the enemy or complete the objectives in the game and the player also needed a strategy in order to progress.

This is the same case here, even if the game is only a Flash game. The developers tried to add as many elements as possible in the game in order to create a good replay ability that would delight all of the fans of the role playing game genre. This adventure in which the player will have to engage has a lot of great elements that consist of quests, weapons, armors, rewards and skill trees for the character of the game which will start out as a weak person but will continue to get much stronger and skilled as he completes the story of the game.

The faux three dimensional graphics give the player a nice feeling over the game and he will definitely enjoy getting through all of the quests that are featured, even if they are main or side ones, they are still enjoyable. Moreover, the player should also think twice before he invests points in the skill tree, especially if he wants to create the best character. The player will be able to select at least two main skills that will be really useful for him

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