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Epic War 5 is the fifth game in a series that provided a lot of interesting adventures that are really worthy of playing and also understanding for a little bit because there are unique stories added into each game in order to make the players more eager to play them and solve all of the problems that the kingdoms are facing. Each time, the player will have to take the role of a brave soldier in order to take on all of the enemies that pose a threat to the kingdom. Not everyone must be killed and this can be found out after some dialogue options.

The player can choose a certain character class, depending on his preferences and what he might think that is the best and afterwards he will have to play with that character and make it the best in order to become the most trusted man of the king. This man really needs someone that he can trust with different affairs of the kingdom and the hero of this story will definitely become that man after he manages to get through all of the stories of the game, that are really beautiful.

The developers have worked hard to create the series of games and this one is the most interesting up to date, so the player will definitely have a good time as he tries to be the best in each battle. This is because not only quests, but also battles will give the player experience and these points are mandatory for his leveling up process, when he will be able to become stronger and gain more skills that he finds useful. The game centers around certain characters that will either help or try to kill the hero so he will have to pay attention to everyone that he meets with.

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