Download Empire: Rome Rising for PC Windows

Empire: Rome Rising for PC Windows is an RPG game that takes you back to the time when Rome was a small town. You have to convert this town into a majestic country with great powers using strategy and diplomacy. You will also be needed to fight against the other players from around the world to maintain your city and destroy theirs’.

The game is available in numerous languages including English, Russian and German, to allow you to play the game comfortably. Building the town is very simple, you would be needed to add more advance items as you move forward in the game and make your town more developed and larger in all respects. Only developing your town will not help you with the game, you have to make a strong defence for your town and a strong army that you can use to attack and destroy the cities built by other players. To help you make strategies, the game allows chatting option with any player you like.

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