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Driftmoon is a well crafted RPG meant for the masses. The game seems much like the Dragon Age: Origins and the Dungeon Siege. It is a classic game developed over a period of seven years. Driftmoon boasts of a solid story, although it might get a little predictable at times. The early part of the story has a Kung Fu Panda feel to it, where the mother hides her boy in a well to survive the attack of the baddies. On coming out of the watery cavern, he finds the people turned into statues.

The story picks up speed from here, and you begin your journey to stop the evil mage from turning more people into statues. You are joined in the quest by your friend who like you has somehow managed to survive the incident. Together you set out to seek revenge and to find your father. The game has plenty of humor and has a gameplay of about 8-10 hours. As you delve deep into the game, you would get to know of the amount of hard work and brilliance that has gone into the making of the same. The game includes good puzzles and a special drag feature which would help you find hidden objects.

Driftmoon is a bit different from the regular games that we are so accustomed to. In order to move your character, you would have to keep the left mouse button pressed while you use the cursor to direct. As you move up the levels, a point gets credited to some of your stats, which includes agility, strength, constitution, dexterity and intelligence. In short, Driftmoon is a great game worth a try.

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