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Dragon Age: Origins is known for its incredible storytelling, exciting battles and great portrayal of characters. It is an amazing fantasy RPG, much different from the usual games hogging the limelight. The game has a good storyline and manages to woo gamers by good voice acting, well designed fantasy world, exciting combat sequences and a plot full of twists and turns. Each of these plays a good part in establishing Dragon Age: Origins as a game worth laying hands upon.

Dragon Age: Origins is set in the fictional world of Ferelden and it is here that the gamer would get to fight for the cause that he believes in. It is probably one of the best and most unique role playing games designed in the recent years. The adventure involved would offer a thrilling experience and would leave you asking for more. The gamer is to fight the demonic hoard of Darkspawn. As you proceed with the game, a number of characters would be joining your cause and would help you in thwarting the forces of evil.

However, Dragon Age: Origins isn't an easy game to master. Almost all the decisions that you take would have direct or indirect impact upon the proceedings of the same. Thus, you need to make the choices with utmost care. Apart from all this, Dragon Age: Origins would let the gamer create his own avatar depending upon the race and class; he so chooses to be a part of. All this makes Dragon Age: Origins a game worth laying hands upon. It would indeed put a smile across your face.

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