Download Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01

Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 is the perfect game for those that want an interesting adventure without too many difficulties. The back story of the game will allow the player to discover the true origins of the hero that appears in the game and despite the fact he is a mysterious character he will prove to be one of the most bravest that the world has ever seen. It will be interesting to take the character and guide him through battle in order to show to the entire world that he is indeed a warrior of the Dragon.

The name of the game hints at the group of people that are real Legends of the Dragon Age, but nobody has ever seen the leader of them and they do not even know if he really exists. However, voices appear when the character of the game starts dangerous battles and wins them by himself, putting down true armies of prepared soldiers. He did not even know that he had such powers until the player started controlling him and now, the player will be able to get the hero to the highest peak of his warrior career.

The hero will become the real Dragon Age Legend if he manages to get through the harshest challenges that were created by the other legends in order to see if the protagonist is who he thinks he is. The player will be able to invest earned skill points in the different skills of the hero and these will make him stronger so he can act better during battle time. The player will be able to control all of the controls that are in the game only by using the mouse and this is a great fact because the player will be able to focus better on his tasks.

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