Download Downtown mafia for PC Windows

Downtown Mafia is a Role Playing from DYNAMICNEXT. This game is actually a text based role playing game. In this game you can get in with the Gangs, Mercenaries, Turf wars, Bosses, Fights and lots more. To be the biggest and hottest gangster in town you have to go and reclaim your hood. There are four other supportive characters in this game to help the player get through the game. There is the old flame of the gangster Jane. There is also the weapons guy named Marco. There is the go to guy, Luke and lastly BIG JIM who will help you earn your reputation and gangs back and be in charge of downtown mafia.

This game is addictive and to help you with the addiction it supports everything, be it android, iOS, chrome-store, social media and many more. In this game you are free to be anything, a hustler, a fighter or even a runner.  Master the jobs in the world and rule the streets.

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