Download Doraemon Repair Shop for PC Windows

Doraemon Repair Shop for PC Windows is a wonderful game based on the fantasy story of a futuristic robot cat which has interesting and surprising gadgets for every other situation. In the game, Doraemon decides to use his wonderful gadgets to help people by repairing their broken appliances and furniture in return for his favourite food which is Dorayaki. Your objective in the game would be to help Doraemon and his friends to accomplish their mission and reduce the waste of planet Earth.

The game has 9 challenging levels that you have to play to complete the game. In the game, you can use the futuristic gadgets with the likes of the popular Reconstruction Flash Light, Boost Potion, Time Cloth and some others. You can upgrade these gadgets as you reach higher levels to make them work faster and you would also have to train Doraemon and his friends to provide better efficiency. Enjoy the world of Doraemon with this wonderful application and help hundreds of people in this virtual world.

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