Desktop Dungeons

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If rogue role-playing games is your idea of fun, then Desktop Dungeons is just the game for you! All you have to do is choose a race and class for the character of your choice and you are all set to battle terrifying and creepy monsters. There are various races to choose from; however they are very generic, for example, a Dwarf or an Elf and many more. The classes that you choose from are also very generic and regularly found in most fantasy based games. The choice of character determines the strength and the abilities of your character, however, the basic idea is the same- if you defeat a monster you get experience points and skills in return.

Once you choose your character, you will be starting the game from level one and be moving upward. However, you will have to be very careful when doing so, as the game is not going to be very easy to finish. The various tasks and quests are very challenging and require a lot of skills to get through. The trick is to attack only those monsters that you are sure you can defeat, or else you lose. As you gain more points and experience, you will be able to attack and defeat tougher and bigger monsters.

Desktop Dungeons comes in an 8-bit graphics that are very visually attractive and make the game very interesting. The game may seem easy to play, but mastering it will take quite some time. The levels are short, and this makes for some unusual RPG moves. Besides all the action, there are also a number of interesting puzzles to solve. The tutorial is amazing and makes the game very interesting. The only disadvantage is that the game is a little too short, but this just makes you want to play it all the more!