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Dash’n Knights is a game in which the player will get into the role of Dash - the main character of the game. He is a young boy but he is not afraid to go into a long journey that will change his life, forever. It will be dangerous in the journey so he will need to find himself some companions that will be able to help him in order to become the best and most powerful adventurer in the country. The game will give the player the opportunity to travel through different territories and fight all kinds of monsters.

These monsters will be pretty interesting, some of them are more powerful than others while some are smarter than others. Overall, they will create a large diversity in the world of the game and it will put the player face to face with an interesting challenge. There are some quests that will put the player at test as he will have to find the best solution in order to win the level and progress. There are some helpful people along the way and the player will have to follow their advice if he wants to achieve the desired result at the end.

The game could not have been a good role playing if it did not feature the possibility to purchase upgrades. For the quests that are solved but also for the monsters that are killed, the player will receive different amounts of gold coins and they can be later used to purchase weapons that are much better than the standard sword that the character owns. And these weapons can also receive more upgrades in order to make them more powerful than normal - everything allowing the player to become better and better, giving him the possibility to take down powerful enemies.

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