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You would never know the potential of Darkspore until you have laid hands upon the same. The game scores in terms of an attractive cooperative combat mode and great character customization. The sci-fi theme adds charm to the same. However, for those who think Darkspore to have links to Spore (by the same developer) are mistaken. It is an online RPG where you get to team up with two of your friends and fight your way to reach the end boss.

Well, as you proceed in Darkspore, the gamer would get to come across more heroes. The game retains the charm of the traditional online action RPG and has plenty of twists to keep you glued to your system for hours together. All this helps Darkspore from being more than a plain and simple Diablo clone. The best thing about the game is the fact that it has a fresh feel to it and includes more than 100 different heroes. Darkspore has been designed to suit the masses and includes a good tutorial where you don the role of a nimble hero named Blitz and get to know of the basics of the game.

Darkspore is full of heroes of varied types. Some of them look like insects, some are more of monsters and the others have a close resemblance to robots. Although the gamer gets to control only a single hero at any given point of time, the switching feature would allow you to shuffle between your heroes if necessary. The game is set in various locations as rocky cliffs, frigid tundra’s and even alien forests. All this makes Darkspore a good game by all standards.

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