Dark Souls: Prepare to Die

Download Dark Souls: Prepare to Die

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is a very well known console game that has now been developed into a PC game. This game is known for being a persistent and challenging game play and its thrilling darkness. Your basic challenge will be to tackle and defeat an Undead, which has escaped from an institution. This will lead you to a journey where you have to fulfill an ancient prophecy and this will take you along a mysteriously beautiful world filled with terrors. As you progress around this world, you can record your progress at Bonfires, and this will help you restore various objects. Your objective is to collect souls and humanity, but if you die, then all is lost to you.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is a world of its own which is a lot of fun to play due to various reasons. The giant bosses are magnificently detailed and designed and this makes the game very real. The downside here is that the port is that of a console, and somewhere the graphics could have been better so that they justified the power of good computers. This may deteriorate the looks of the game a bit, but this doesn’t prevent it from being an outstanding game.

Some players may find the game very difficult and this may put them off, but of you dedicate yourself to it, the game can get very satisfying. The game is pretty long with a lot of diversity in the challenges that you will face throughout. Although, the difficulty level of the game may seem out of reach of even the most seasoned players. It will take a lot of practice and patience to get through this game. The boss fights are very memorable and grand. The world of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is huge and one worth exploring extensively.