Download City Island for PC Window

City Island for PC Windows is a simulation game where you are the mayor of a town and you have the responsibility to develop and grow your town into a big city, with features and characters from your dreams. The game has high quality graphics to keep you mesmerised by what you would be seeing. It provides support for over 18 languages to make it easier for you to play the game. And the game play is very simple to understand and is provided with guide in the initial phase to help you understand the basics.

This game provides you with your own town. You can build over 85 different buildings that include residential, community, and commercial buildings, and parks and decorations to make the city lively and the way you want it to look. You will have to maintain sufficient place for people to reside, recreate themselves and other various services that a city should have. Join with your friends and their city to make the experience even more wonderful.

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