Download Borderlands

Planning to lay hands upon a good sci-fi RPG game this summer? Well, in that case you can opt for Borderlands. The game revolves around a mysterious object on planet Pandora which is rumored to host both power and fortune. This thus attracts individuals and big corporations who try their luck at acquiring the same. The gamer starts as one such person, trying to access, ‘The Vault’. The game has been designed well and the story-line is equally intriguing.

Borderlands is not about the destination, rather it deals with the journey of a person to ultimate wealth and power. The game includes a 4 member online cooperative mode which makes the game a treat to play. However, even single users would have a good time and get to enjoy the thrills of bloody combat and rewarding loots. The 4 player cooperative mode has been designed to fasten the pace of the game-play. Pandora is nothing like you have ever seen in your life. It has a dusty feel to it and yet it remains eye-catching. Each of the players has their own powers. The group includes Hunter, Soldier, Siren and Berserker. The skill points earned during the combat can be used to upgrade weapons, armor and even the respective powers.

Hence, Borderlands has more to offer than you can possibly imagine. Each of the characters in the group have their own positives and negatives. Playing as a group helps in knowing about the powers and planning the combat accordingly. The characters, distinct artistic style, reward system, the concept and the melee of weapons and armors are some of the talking points of Borderlands. This is one such game which you would love to be glued to in your free time. This is the sole reason that Borderlands has a huge fan following from all corners of the world.